Simerpol was established in 2011 to produce metal parts, mainly for the agricultural industry – the first machines of the company were purchased with this purpose in mind:

Firce Firce One, cutter Supermax YCM-V65A, cutter Pegas Gonda 290×290 A-CNCF, grinder for rollers and openings Palmary Exiomax OCD-2040, eccentric press PMS 160B 160 T pressure.

The photos present the company before renovation and the first purchased machines.

We were well-prepared for machining and this produced very good results. By working in a small team of professionals, with a small amount of machines, which we have learned to operate efficiently, we have made the name for ourselves on the agricultural market. Driven by our desire for development, we decided to try our hand on the automotive market. This provided us with new challenges, in response to which, after researching the automotive market and obtaining several contracts, we purchased the following machines:

milling machinesTrident TR 45E Two Trident ,  milling machines Haas ST 20, latheDoosan Lynx 220.

In the next years, we have adapted the new part of the hall for new CNC machines. We have also created new jobs, thus accepting new professionals in our team. We started to increase our product range with new agricultural, automotive and hydraulic parts. To meet the requirements of our customers, we continue to develop our machining capabilities.

lathe Fanuc Robodrill – Alfa – D21LiA5 High Power Version, lathe Haas ST 20Y, lathe Haas ST 20Y.

We have been working in a stable team for several years now 🙂



Simerpolmet has been present on the market for over 7 years. Our knowledge and experience allows us to offer professional customer approach and high quality products. In order to meet growing market requirements, we continue to invest in expansion of our machine park and tools range, which, in turn, allows us to offer an increasingly larger range of services and opportunities.

Our technical experience allows us to implement very technically demanding projects for various branches of the industry. We mainly operate in automotive, agricultural, medical and audio industries.

We produce single elements, as well as whole series of components for the largest manufacturing companies.



We are a very ambitious team and constantly develop our machining expertise. Our machine park, consisting of precise CNC machines, allows us to execute a wide range of works. We will execute both large and small commissions, always providing the highest quality of services. We are flexible in terms of deadlines of commissions and other customers’ requirements.

We invite you to contact us and submit inquiries. We will be happy to help and answer your questions. Simply send us documentation in an electronic or paper form, or even a detail or sketch, and our employees will present you our offer for execution of detail. We are open to any form of inquiry.

We execute the following machining services:






We machine the following materials:

aluminum alloy

cast iron

acid-proof and stainless steel



honed pipes

drawn pipes

black steel

Moreover, we provide our clients with the following:

professional and reliable service

competitive prices

high quality products and services

attractive deadlines

high precision of processing

We would like to thank our customers for their confidence, and we encourage persons interested in cooperation to contact us.